How plastic bags impact the environment?

By Jemaa El Bahraouy

Plastic bags are one of the most dangerous things used by men. It causes harm in several ways to
our environment. Use of plastic bags litter the surrounding. Forests, rivers, lakes, sees, and
oceans are polluted in different parts of the world. Wind carries those bags everywhere. It’s been
estimated that 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean. Those bags are mistaken as
food. So, animals eat them and choke, and those poor animals end up dying most of the times. It
is estimated that one bag has the potential to kill one animal per every three months.

Plastic bags are lightweight hard-wearing and often come for free. They are made from a
substance called polyethylene. polyethylene is a type of petroleum. Petroleum can be more
importantly used as a fuel for automobile.

Every year more than 600 million plastic bags are manufactured worldwide. Manufacturing and
shipping plastic bags requires large amounts of energy and causes sixty tons of co2 emissions
every year. On average plastic bags are in use for just 25 minutes then they are thrown away.
Few of them are recycled. Most Plastic bags end up in rivers, on the streets, or in the ocean.
It is estimated that it takes 1,000 years for plastic bags to breakdown. They are non-
biodegradable. Burning those bags does not help either, as it will cause air pollution. When these
bags are burned, they release toxic fumes into the air as well as in the soil.

Some countries have banned plastic bags entirely while others made it illegal to give them away
for free. But the best way to help the environment is to use alternatives and forgot plastic
In conclusion, to help the environment, stop using plastic bags whenever possible! Make sure to
use reusable bags and help save the environment.