Mental Health and Maintaining Positivity and balance

By Hajar Ouled Sebtia

Morocco has a population of some thirty million inhabitants, a very large proportion of whom are young. Mental health and psychiatry are dealt with jointly by the university, public, private, and military sectors. Despite significant progress in the last twenty years, there are still no more than 350 psychiatrists in Morocco.

The minister also highlighted that 26% of Moroccans experience depression at some point in their lives, while 9% experience anxiety disorders, whereas 5.6% experience mental disorders, and 1% experience schizophrenia.

But, fortunately, in morocco now with this new generation, we have a lot of ways to help people be more aware of mental health cases and how to deal with them in the best ways possible. here are some of them:

You can have access to mental health services, there are everyday measures that you can take to safeguard your mental health. Make sure that you are eating properly, take regular exercise (which is known to improve conditions such as depression), monitor your moods and emotions, and keep in contact with family and friends (so that you do not become isolated). It is also advisable to look up some basic local laws relating to issues such as school/workplace bullying, in case you encounter any difficulties in your situation.

To conclude, admitting that you suffer from a specific mental health problem does not make out of your sanity, don’t be ashamed to ask for help you will be able to change your own life and the coming generations.