Morocco suspends flights with 37 countries

Morocco’s National Airports Office (ONDA) announced the suspension of flights with 5 more countries today as a preventative measure against the spread of Covid-19, additional to the list declared on the 9th of March that had 32 countries in total.

Just a few weeks before the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, this decision came as a shock to the Moroccans residing in the countries listed and to foreigners in Morocco. Moroccan students abroad have expressed their anger and disappointment as they will not be able to live the warmth of Ramadan at home. 

The list includes: Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Croatia, Mozambique, Poland, Norway, Finland, Greece, Lebanon, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Cameroon, the Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Brazil, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, and Denmark.

Today the 24th of March, there has been an addition of 5 more countries : Mali, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Guinea-Conakry, and Libya. Passengers traveling from all the 37 countries above via another country are also concerned as per the (ONDA).

This suspension will run until the 10th of April which is also the date when the curfew is expected to end. In the last months the curfew has been extended several times, which raises a few questions…Will there be more countries added to the suspension ? Will the curfew be extended again as usual ? Will the airport close eventually ? Does that mean a lockdown during Ramadan ?

The vaccination campaign has seen remarkable results applauded by many countries across the world. So far, 4,244,651 people have been vaccinated and 2,116,081 people have already received the second doses… 

Basma Benabdallah

Basma Benabdallah is a dynamic and passionate aspiring journalist who strives to make a positive change via her writing and to be the voice of everyone who deserves to be heard. Although she is proficient and experienced in a range of genres, her primary sources of inspiration are Culture and Society. She also enjoys photo-reporting, which she did for the first time in her professional life when she worked as a photo-reporter in India for the cause of gender equality.