Covid-19: FIFA plans for a charity match to collect funds

In order to collect funds that will be dedicated to the global support against the Coronavirus, the FIFA foundation is planning to organize a charity football match by the end of the crisis, that’s what the organization announced on Monday, May 18.

The president of the foundation,Gianni Infantino, has not announced the date of the coming game, but he confirmed their commitment against this global issue by raising awareness through many campaigns with the participation of several football stars and coaches such as Sergio Ramos,Piqué,David Beckham,Zinedine Zidane,Lucy Bronze,the Brazilian Ronaldo,Wendie Renars,Kaka,James Rodriguez ,yaya Touré,Casillas,Buffon,Pelé,the golden boy Maradona and many others.

Then also by being part of the worldwide collaboration and solidarity through organizing this initiative,in purpose to guarantee equitable global access to new essential health technologies concerning COVID-19,including diagnostics,therapies and of course vaccines.

We are committing to the organization of a global event to raise funds as soon as the health situation allows,even if we still have to wait a few months

The FIFA president communicated to the press release

It is our responsibility to show solidarity and continue to do everything we can to participate in and support efforts to fight the pandemic

He added

Not only the international football community will be called to support this cause, but also other stakeholders from non-governmental organizations, foundations then the private sector too and governments.

Various scenarios and plans are currently under consideration,all of which are in line with health and other relevant guidelines from respective governments and international organizations

The FIFA foundation CEO Youri Djorkaeff

Then he confirmed later, that further details about this special event like the location,date,participants and format will be announced by the foundation in due course.

In addition to this,FIFA also contributed financially a few weeks ago by donating 150 billion dollars to its 211 member countries as a large-scale financial aid plan.

To conclude, this spectacular event will certainly be memorable especially from the fans of the most popular game in the world,who have been deprived because of these circumstances from following the matches of their favorite teams and clubs.

Aya Bhilat

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