Have you gained extra weight these days?

If you have consumed large portions of meat during Eid al Adha, maybe you should consider working out to stay in shape. After all, recent extra weight is easier to get rid of than older extra weight.

Getting fit requires some effort, if you remain physically active you will help yourself live a longer healthy life, you’ll less likely get depressed or anxious. And you’ll decrease your risk of developing health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer…etc.

Here are some suggestions that you should follow to burn calories

– Go to the gym! But If you cannot afford gym fees, you can take the stairs, exercise or run around your house for a minimum of 30minutes a day. (You can even make housework on a daily basis if you don’t mind.)

Other than that, you should follow a healthy and balanced eating plan to stay fit.

NB, this is a friendly reminder!

– Cut back on salt, sugar and starch. Or foods that contain these substances such as bread, rice, potatoes, pasta…

And last but not least, avoid red and processed meat, fast foods, frozen desserts, sugary drinks, candies…

Eventually, if you follow this approach, you’ll end up eating fewer calories and your hunger levels will go down.

The ball is in your court!

Loubna El Alaoui

Hi there, let me walk you through my humble personal and professional life! My name's Loubna and I am a Moroccan web editor, investigator and journalism student. I've always been fond of writing, for it helps me get things clear in my head and reduce stress. I began writing some personal articles that I only shared with some very close friends of mine, and now, a humble number of people read my articles about life, environment, society... Before I held my BA in English Literature, so many people and teachers told me that I could be a great journalist. Well guess what....? After so many experiences, I found my passion and what I truely want to do with my life. And now I'm working on my masters degree in Journalism and Media.