Who are the top 5 highest paid YouTubers?

Ten YouTube users have made a name of themselves and earned millions for creating sponsored posts on this platform according to an American liable source

More than five billion YouTube videos are watched around the globe on a daily basis.  This platform is extremely popular since a wide range of people spend an average of 40 minutes per day on it as stated by an American press release.

We are all aware that EVERYONE can make lots of money on YouTube no matter how old they are or where they live, each single person should know that there is place for everyone on that digital platform… all they ought to do is provide a captivating content regularly (which they should edit by a great video editing software) to reach an important number of followers and generate lots of money.

CBC news has revealed recently the ones who earn the most money per video. The list might shock some of you since some of these so-called “YouTube stars” are young.

Here is the list of the 5 highest-paid YouTubers of 2020:

1. Ryan’s World (Formerly Ryan ToysReview) – 9 years oldAmerican (Ryan Kaji is the owner of his channel along with his mother , father and twin sisters)

Ryan’s world is a children’s YouTube channel that releases videos about science, DIY arts… on a daily basis. Photo source : Instagram.

Earnings: $26 million
Subscribers: 23.3 million

2. Dude perfect This channel is run by a group of American guys whose ages range from 31 to 33.

Dude Perfect
Dude perfect was founded in 2009, the channel’s owners publish videos about sports, entertainment; comedy; trick shots every once in a while. Photo source : Instagram.

Earnings: $20 million
Subscribers: 51 million

3. Anastasia Radzinskaya AKA Natsya – 6 years old – Russian

See the source image
Natsaya’s channel is a children’s channel where Anastasia posts funny videos. Photo source : Instagram.

Earnings: $18 million
Subscribers: 44.3 million

4. Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr., known as Jeffree Star is an American entrepreneur who’s 35 years old

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Jeffree Star’s channel is mainly about beauty and make up, however, he happens to share his routine with his audience on his channel. Photo source : Google image.

Earnings: $17 million
Subscribers: 17.1 million

5. Daniel Middlelton AKA DanTDM – British Youtuber – 29 years old

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Daniel Middleton better known as DanTDM, is a British YouTube personality known for his video game commentaries. Photo source : Instagram.

Earnings: $16.5 million
Subscribers: 21 million

Now you know how much money these YouTube Stars earn. If you had an intriguing thing to offer to YouTube, would you give it a shot?

Loubna El Alaoui

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