Brain Drain in Morocco

By: Hajar Ouled Sebtia

Firstly, we are going to start with What is Brain Drain?

Brain Drain can be described as the process in which a country loses its most educated and talented workers to other countries through migration.

For example, here in Morocco just and only in 2022 we lost nearly 3,700 Moroccan professionals, Doctors, Professors, and Engineers that left Morocco

To work abroad.

Also, Minister Abdellatif Miraoui described the loss as “immeasurable” for Morocco. Indeed, I do completely agree with him.

Moreover, the minister highlighted that the number of the previous is decreasing since 2018, representing more than 30% only of doctors. Not mentioning the other professions.

From what we cover we can see that Morocco is suffering from brain drain.

In Morocco, there are thousands of exceptionally intelligent people who are not given the tiniest opportunity to use their minds due to poverty, family issues,

Lack of access to a good education, and thousand other factors.