A call to support Moroccan Artisanat 

By : Saidi Sanaa

For every natural material there’s a Moroccan tradition of working it by hand to enrich it with fine artificer. Moroccan  crafters pour their hearts and souls into their work,  frequently in family- run  shops where craft knowledge and traditional motifs are passed from generation to generation. Moroccan artificer brings out the stylishness of the  crafters ’ chops together with the  rates of raw accouterments   similar as  hair, leather,  complexion, and brass. This use of simple accouterments  also means their products will last and  progress gracefully.

On April 20, in Tangier, Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts, and Social Economy launched a program to promote Moroccan artisanal handicrafts under the theme “Traditional industry for all.” The program will promote traditional handicrafts in various shopping centers across the country . It is part of the ministry’s endeavors to support artisans, cooperatives, and auto-entrepreneurs in the national  traditional industries.

The shopping centers, located in ten different Moroccan cities, will offer the artisans allocated spaces to showcase the handmade products. As an ambition to attract more customers , the ministry launched a campaign on social media, under the hashtag #Art_Is_Ana. Through the program, artisans will be able to publicize and promote their products in twelve shopping centers owned by Aradei Capital Group. 

How can we support our local artisans ? 

  1. Visit the shopping centers near us to see the work of our artisans and have the chance to exchange with them 
  2. Promote there work on social media using the ministry hashtag to give them visibility 
  3. Buy moroccan made products to support our artisans and honor our heritage 

Artisanat is a Moroccan heritage that we should support and contribute to its expansion nationally and abroad. It represents our identity and rich history. Supporting this sector is everyone’s responsibility.