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Sahara : British deputies believe that the autonomy plan is the ‘best option’ for the region 

The conservative deputy Daniel Kawczynski , at this debate’s initiative, highlighted that several allies of the United Kingdom , such as Spain , France , Netherlands and Germany, recognize Morocco’s autonomy plan as ‘the best option to insure a prosperous future within the region’.  

Morocco is ‘ a reliable strategic partner, holding all the modern democratic attributes , and with whom we can and should establish commercial , political and strong security ties’ he affirmed. While emphasizing on the ‘remarkable’ advancements of Morocco in terms of women’s and religious rights, the parliamentarian paid tribute to His Majesty the King Mohammed VI  » for his leadership and his vision , as well as his way of pursuing interreligious dialogue across his nation’’ . He also undersigned the contribution of his Majesty the king Mohammed VI in Africa. 

Furthermore, Mr.Kawczynski revealed that Morocco is a ‘real flourishing democracy’ where the rule of law is ‘ protected and where individuals can debate without fear of oppression ‘, qualifying Morocco as the ‘second longest standing  ally of the United Kingdom’ and ‘reliable partner’. 

The conservative deputy Liam Fox claimed that the autonomy plan is ‘ the only possible solution and only way to create progress for those living in the region and hoping for not only security and stability , but mostly economic development and democratic progress.’  Meanwhile , labor deputy Fabian Hamilton believed that ‘one of the most important points for the resolution of any conflict is the economic growth and reduction of inequalities between the richest and poorest’ , showcasing Morocco’s efforts towards the development of southern provinces. 

Mr.Hamilton reported having witnessed the effects and benefits of the economic development on the region’s residents, while visiting Laayoune, considering that this ‘is what we need to end this conflict’. 

For the deputy and cabinet member of the Labor’s shadow , Lyn Brown, ‘ the status quo has been prejudicial to the region and has harmed North Africa’s interests. ‘ evoking the necessity to employ ‘creative solutions’ to push the dispute forward.  In addition , the conservative deputy and minister of state for foreign affairs , David Rutley, insisted on the secular nature of the partnership between the United kingdom and Morocco , which ‘ continues to strengthen thanks to a greater collaboration in new and existing arenas.’  Morocco is a stable , amicable and important country in the region, which witnesses positive economic and socio economic reforms, led by his Majesty the king Mohammed VI’’ , he pursued. 

We are thrilled to develop our relations further and are convinced that a solution to the Sahara question will allow the unleash of a tremendous potential’ he said. And to conclude that the United Kingdom supports the United Nations’s efforts to find a political solution , while believing that the United Nations process is the best way to achieve a sustainable and mutually acceptable regulation.