[Portrait] Sohayb Kane, from making his own toys to becoming a professional artist

From sketching, painting, creating digital artwork, making sculptures from wood, wires and clay to painting murals, this multitalented young artist has proven that it is never too late to follow your life-long dream.

Who might’ve thought that an electromechanics graduate can hide a colours explosion for so long only to burst into many art forms and making art that speaks to many art passionates…

 »Sahraoui Rythmes » 2020

Sohayb has been into many professions, while studying electromechanics his mind was always in the clouds urging to lead a creative life and have an artistic profession, soon after, he joined his brothers who had already started a graphic design agency to become a graphic designer, illustrator and an interior designer, things that he has been learning alongside with preparing for his diploma. 

The full satisfaction was still not quite there yet, in the middle of the never ending work, he has always managed to find time to travel to attend artistic master classes and to visit as many art galleries and artistic events as possible. 

Finally he had the chance to organise his very own event ‘‘Graffiti ila bghiti’’ that translates to ‘‘Make graffiti if you wish to’’ in 2016, a master class for kids to learn the art of graffiti and street arts, along  with his twin brother Abdoullah Kane and another local artist. 

A sculpture made of wires that represents him and his older brother taking a selfie together, something he really wished he had done before his brother passed away.

His brothers have always been his strength aside from being also his professional colleagues. 

Play mates making their own toys to creating graphic designs together and leading the most successful agency in the southern region of Morocco, to collaborating on what they all love the most, Art.

« Poverty has never blurred my family’s appreciation for art, my  parents have always fed our desire for creating »

Of Malian descents, shortly after his and his twin brother’s birth his family immigrated to Laayoune, Growing up in an artistic and creative household where his parents and brothers all practice different art forms has been the main reason behind shaping the creative artist that he is today.

« They would continuously provide us with clay and basic art supplies, we made our own toys and gifts, no matter how silly the things we made and no matter how much mess we caused at home they would never complain nor belittle the efforts we made, and I think that was the key to making me the creative person that I am so proud to be today » 

 »Storm » from the gallery Inktober, October 17th 2020

Owls have made an appearance in many of Sohayb’s paintings showing a mysterious love and interest for them. 

« I see Owls wherever I go, I see their shadows on the ground and I lift my head to watch them fly over me in a very majestic view, Owls are treated unfairly, being called evil, dark and in many cultures they are believed to bring bad luck but in fact they are very calm charismatic creatures, they are the only birds that can fly without making any sound to catch rodents that mess with agricultural products at night, they serve us, but many people still hate them despite that »

 »Desert Valley » 2020

Sohayb is now working on the biggest project of his artistic career so far, a comic book that will soon be available for purchase.

« Everytime you show appreciation to an artist, without you knowing, you positively contribute in the making of their very next art project » 

– Sohayb Kane


Basma Benabdallah

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