« Art is the only remedy that is able to heal souls from pain »

This talented Syrian artist hardly ever talks; he rather lets his art work make the conversation. His art collection consists of hatchy portraits that are worthy of contemplation

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Mouaz Anan is a Syrian young artist who lives by the amazing Damascus city. The former is in mid-twenties and loves art the way Romeo used to be infatuated with Juliette. He was a self-taught artist for the most part; however, he admitted that when he got older, he discovered a drawing center in Damascus where he met his mentor “Habib” who shared some fruitful advice with him and lent him a helping hand to develop his artistic skills.

« My heart does not belong to the 21st century. »

He used to get inspired from other artists and use their drawings as reference to improve drastically. Other than that, he confessed that the more he observes art, the more his subconscious mind collects ideas and let his fingers do wonders. His art has made an important number of people in both Asia and Europe stop to consider what is going on in each single drawing. It is -as far as art lovers are concerned- very expressive, captivating and extremely clear and stylish.

What is intriguing about his art work is that his drawings do not engage colors for he is fond of the pre-modern and modern eras along with realism, romanticism and so and so forth… If you ask me, it is really nice to see different sizes all over his drawings, they are a good mix of detailed facial features who happen to be very impressive and imaginative. His art seems real and his main focus is in mankind for he has always been inspired by the human face.

If one dives a little bit into his drawings, one will feel that they are very well drawn and enjoyable to look through. He presents a great work in the form of hatching that demonstrates a broad range of drawing competences. These latter help the artist reflect his perspectives, feelings, dreams and above all, his artistic vision.

His art work has never been demonstrated in galleries or museums, however, he promotes it on his social media platforms and makes collaborations with other local artists.

“I had the chance to meet myriad talented people who sadly do not share their art with the world; and I believe that promoting one’s art is really important because at the end of the day we make art so that people could enjoy it, otherwise, the art would lose its meaning.” Mouaz replied.

Ordinary people as well as artists have tendency to feel deeply touched by his art work. “Your art looks like a real picture”. Those who had the chance to contemplate Mouaz’s art unveiled that it looks real and that it is full of deep significance. He also had the opportunity to get compared to professional artists, which implies that the ones who follow him on social media derive great pleasure from his drawings. “You have no idea how much it is beautiful to know that people love your art.”. Mouaz declared.

His work has allowed him to develop a detailed understanding of art despite his young age. The former creates a serene atmosphere, could you imagine yourself gazing his art work and listening to a soft musics like Mozart’s ones for instance? Believe me, the feeling would be intense and magical.

He often says that his art is actually a reflection of how he feels and that his soul belongs to the previous eras which is really interesting from a person his age. “Art reveals better than do words, it adds magic to minds and souls.” Mouaz said.

It is said that our thoughts are a perfect reflection of how we feel inside of us, what does yours reflect?

Loubna El Alaoui

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