Amir : From the street to the stage

Amir AKA Yuri is a 24 -year-old man and one of several talented dancers who have talent but do not have the means to finance their dream

Despite his limited income, the former has always dreamt of being a great dancer. And what inspired him to follow this dream are professional dancers and loud music. Years later, he decided to take a humongous step forward.

At the age of 19, Amir began practicing his hobby with some friends of his in the streets. What made him practice it in this latter are the following reasons: The first one is that he did not have enough money to pay for a dance lab, and the second one is the fact that his parents were not aware that he could dance or sing. Thereby, he did not have the opportunity to get financial support.

Dancing in the streets was not easy for him. And the main reasons why it was hard is the poor quality of music, the absence of mirrors. (Frankly, mirrors are essential for dancers for they reflect the quality of these latters’ performance). Besides, Amir was not a person of high esteem. He rather was easily embarrassed and uncomfortable in front of people he hardly knows.

Fortunately, when one has a dream, he keeps fighting for it until he realizes it, and that was Amir’s case. He declared that he kept fighting and facing all those barriers, which made him win each single competition.

As far as he is concerned, persistence is a must. When he feels down, this quote comes across his mind :

The more you practice, the more you learn

That was enough to motivate him, he even added extra hours of hard training to reach his goal. Amir never gave up from doing what he loves because he always had faith in his dream.

My efforts always pay me back

When he was asked about his vision regarding street art -based on his personal experience-, he replied that street artists all over the world are suffering even more that he did in the past. They can get sick and catch flu or other diseases easily, some of them even get obliged take dancing as a job for it is their only way to earn money.

Each one of us had met once, twice or even more, those boys and girls dancing ,singing or playing an instrument, trying to entertain us as much as possible. In fact their shows were giving life back to the silent streets and their art aroused our souls and spirits.

This young artist took his hobby as a challenge so he started winning every competition one after the other. Amir wanted to become a good dancer and contradict those persons who never believed in him or thought that he will never succeed.

He did and he won the « battle » many times, and now is the leader of a dance crew.

Failing is not the end, it’s only the begining

Amir added with confidence

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