By Hajar Ouled Sebtia

Every year in Morocco, Ninety-one kilograms of food per person are wasted. At the same time, we know that 31.6% of the Moroccan population still suffers from food insecurity, It is thought that approximately 50% of the food wasted is still edible.

In this coming year in the week of action, our responsibility is to instruct people on how to reduce food waste and how to deal with it:

Reducing the number of food consumer’s waste not only has financial benefits but also environmental benefits.

When food waste goes to a landfill, it rots and during the process methane gas is produced. Methane is a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming.

Consumers should use food waste bins wherever possible. Reducing waste is a priority for both the economy and the environment. And lately, Morocco has been making progress but it still has a long way to go.

There are many ways in which consumers can help reduce food waste when buying food, eating out, and eating at home.

Common causes of food waste when shopping includes:

  • buying multi-pack items that may not get used/sharing the cost and goods with a friend/family.
  • impulse shopping / write a list and stick to it;
  • confusion over date labels be familiar with what they mean. Chose the food with the longest date.

Making a difference is not easy but nothing is impossible. But also the opportunity for change. is low and we will need to rise our citizen survey on attitudes and barriers to reducing food waste, can also help all of us understand where we can make the biggest impact.